Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Idiots abound: the sequel

Just to grab a couple of choice quotes from my favorite talk radio station regarding the situation in California:
"Is every day Opposite Day around here?"
"This state is simply ungovernable."
And that's pretty much all there is to say about the Stockholm Syndrome here. They've fallen in love with their captors.

This is what happens when your population has so little pride that they think boot-licking is a good thing. When you fill your need for love and protection with government (or these soul-sucking parasites they call "union reps," who more or less ARE the government) rather than family, you've just sold out to the Dark Side. This is exactly why the late Pope John Paul the Great was so adamant in his opposition to liberation theology. Think it's a coincidence that so many illegals confuse the role of government with the role of Church and family? I don't. Angelenos have their Mommy State, and that's all that matters, I suppose. Problem is that reality has a terrible habit of forcing you to realize that human beings aren't meant to live this way.

Oh, well. I will be content to suffer patiently rather than flee my beloved Orange (or should I say Red?) County UNLESS the nutbar legislature actually goes through with socializing health care (and if they do, neither hell nor high water will keep me in this state).