Thursday, November 10, 2005

God love 'em!

After saying nice things about Telford Work for actually taking Catholics seriously, I wanted to commend the recent pro-ressourcement trend that is emerging among lots of Protestants. Kevin Johnson's reading list is admirable, and Communio Sanctorum has even added a Catholic at Kevin's suggestion. Joel Garver has always been one of the sharpest minds on the subject of 20th century theologians; his papers on von Balthasar, Rahner, and de Lubac are not to be missed. And for the medieval perspective, we all know where to go. :-)

I like to see this not only because it is good for the sides to know about each other, but because it's beneficial for Catholics to get quality interaction with other traditions. Papal infallibility, however it might be defined, doesn't mean Catholicism can't improve, and the only way that happens is for us to hear good challenging responses.