Monday, August 29, 2005

A change of format

In the interest of getting to the more thoughful monologic conception that I am trying to achieve on the blog in the near future, I am going to more consciously dedicate myself to bringing the Zubirian view into service, not merely in theology, but also more generally in interactions with published works by Christian authors in other areas (e.g., epistemology, hermeneutics). In keeping with Zubiri's notion of the utility of a coherent Christian metaphysics, I will be investigating the philosophical rigor (or lack thereof) in these works and its impact on Christian doctrine (for good or ill) and attempting to extract what might be particularly harmonious with or useful for a Zubirian worldview. These "Zoobie Reviews" will be maintained in a linked list on the right side, beneath major online Zubiri references and my Zubizantine theology series (both of which are also linked there).

Speaking of the links list, I've also cut that down to remove the "hostile" websites that I don't see as promoting discussion in the relevant fields. The Catholic sites that I have linked there are ones that I consider fair and thorough without being excessively polemical. Energetic Procession is a metaphysical examination primarily from the Orthodox perspective (although including the work of Catholics as well) that anyone interested in Zubiri will surely find useful. The Protestant sites (Communio Sanctorum and Societas Christiana) are of interest for seeing a genuine attempt to understand Protestant theology in historical continuity with the Reformers outside of the relatively pecuilar circumstances in which it originated. Apart from Barthian neo-orthodoxy, I am unaware of other such ambitious attempts in a conservative (non-liberal, non-pomo) context, and I think this will bear watching, particularly if it can get out of the anti-Catholic rut that much of Protestantism seems to engender (I'm thinking of the distasteful oneupsmanship in Doug Wilson's "you think Catholics are just spiritual fornicators; I think they're spiritual adulterers" against James White).

I've also removed the links to past entries. That's simply because most of my previous entries were too situationally dependent and responses, and if I rewrite them, I want to do so in a way that removes that baggage. As entries slip off, I will link them on the right if I consider them of lasting value; otherwise, they can go into Blog Limbo, where they can be linked if anyone happens to remember where they are. I plan to keep articles authored before today intact to avoid obsolescence in outside links and pages, and I hereby grant permission for anyone who has quoted such previous articles in the past to preserve such quotations in their current form on the condition that they are not copied or distributed any further. Apart from those situations, if you are quoting material more extensive than fair use would permit in any past, present, or future blog entry (e.g., full-blown dialogues, fisking), please contact me for permission to do so (which I'll probably grant as long as you tell other people not to copy it). Thanks!

Best regards,