Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Still waiting for Dr. Svendsen to finish

Sadly, I'm probably going to be incommunicado from Friday through Monday. I hope that will be enough time to finish the series, because I expect people will learn a great deal from my responses when they finally get posted.

UPDATE -- After having read Dr. Svendsen's first couple of forays into this area, I'm going to say a couple of things strictly in the interest of saving both his time and mine. Everybody with any familiarity in the relevant history knows that it is somewhat doubtful that Nestorius was Nestorian and that some scholars have made the argument (albeit pretty convincingly discredited by recent scholarship) that St. Cyril was a monophysite. While interesting as a historical matter, it has absolutely nothing to do with the heresy of Nestorianism (aka, the error attributed to Nestorius), which is the substance of my charge against Dr. Svendsen. Rather than wasting time discussing historical matters on which we completely agree (or matters entirely irrelevant to the Christological discussion, such as Catholic Mariology), it would probably be more expedient to address the actual disagreement.


John Betts said...

The Assyrian Church of the East, the spiritual descendants of Nestorian I suppose one could say, vigorously deny every holding to Nestorianism. You might be interested in these two links from their website giving their perspective:

Btw, I myself am a Latin Catholic. I enjoy your weblog and ironically was introduced to it by a Protestant apologist (not Mr. Svendsen). I have my own weblog and invite you to visit:

Pax Christi,

CrimsonCatholic said...

Thanks for the links and kind words, John! You've got quite a thought-provoking blog yourself.

Grace and peace,