Friday, January 02, 2009

Blessing from the Elliott family reunion

Handwritten among my grandmother's notes:

July 4, 1958
On The Henry Elliott Farm, seven miles southeast of Glenmora, La.
[NOTE: My grandmother's children and grandchildren still spend time at this century-old house to this day, including many a summer weekend of my youth. -- JP]

Nine of the ten surviving children and their families and grand children met for their annual barbecue of beef from the farm, including also roast beef, rice and gravy, corn bread, potatoe [sic] salads and cakes with cold drinks, also watermelons. Since the children's only surviving uncle Marvin Dyer who usually gives the invocation was not present[,] the following was given by Laurent J. Savoie, a brother-in-law [my grandfather -- JP]:

Bless us, Oh Lord! As we stand before Thee, in this gathering of good fellowship.

May we be granted the wisdom and foresight to maintain harmony and brotherly love among ourselves and our future generations as was the wish of our ancestors. And may the future years make it possible to continue to unite all the members of this large family; and may the ones who have departed rejoice this day in Paradise. These things we ask in the name of Jesus, Amen.


I'm happy to say that all of my grandmother's children (and most of their children and their children's children) got together at my parents' house over the holiday.