Sunday, December 09, 2007

How can you dislike this guy?

Apart from sheer envy, I can't think of any reason anyone could say an unkind word about this year's Heisman winner. He's yet another example of how sports remain one area that lacks the prejudice about Christianity somehow precluding excellence in performance. Guys like Tebow and his coach Urban Meyer (yes, he's named after a Pope) are open about their faith while still being acknowledged at the top of their respective professions. Even just at Florida, one might add Catholic Billy Donovan, a back-to-back national championship winner. This is, of course, not going to make me root for Florida. As Donovan pointed out to Urban Meyer, Notre Dame doesn't have a monopoly on Catholic loyalty, and I don't root for a team based on religion either. But it's just refreshing to see guys like Tony Dungy, Bret Favre, and Tim Tebow succeed. Here's hoping Mike Sherman's tour at A&M will turn out as well!