Thursday, July 05, 2007

Plug for a Catholic author

I want to commend Matthew Lickona's excellent book Swimming with Scapulars. I just got done reading it, and it is the sort of book that makes you glad both that guys like Matt are out there and that they are capable of expressing themselves in well-crafted prose. Seriously, we need more of his work, and I hope other talented Catholic writers will put their stories to paper like Matt did. Also, read Matt's blog for a sometimes serious but often funny (in that "you've got to either laugh or cry" way) account of being a Catholic pilgrim in a world that Satan is doing his best to claim.

I've added Matt to my blogroll along with A.G. (an Aggie scientist from New Orleans) and a couple of other Catholic blogs that I find interesting. Check 'em out!

UPDATE -- I just realized that I was grossly negligent in failing to add Lee Faber and Michael Sullivan to the blogroll. Mea culpa!

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Michael Sullivan said...


I'd overlooked this earlier and, having seen it today, wanted to say thanks for me and for my friend Mr Faber. I'm always flattered when minds of your caliber think anything I write is worth reading.

Monadology's been off the rails for a while, but it's back up and running now.