Friday, February 25, 2005

Let NBC know what you think

Father Bryce gets a tip of my Colt .45s hat for catching one more insult in the ever-widening cultural assault on Catholics.

During the February 22 episode of the NBC-TV sitcom, “Committed,” two non-Catholics are mistakenly given Holy Communion at a Catholic funeral Mass. Nate, who is Jewish, and Bowie, a Protestant, don’t know what to do with the Eucharist, so they make several failed attempts to get rid of it. For example, they try slipping it into the pocket of a priest, dropping it on a tray of cheese and crackers, etc.

It only gets worse from there. I already thought this show was awful, but I watched other NBC shows. Not anymore. Unless NBC shows some contrition over this incident, they have lost my viewership. Please contact NBC and your local affiliates to get the word out that this sort of thing won't be tolerated.

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