Wednesday, January 19, 2005

This Week's Sign of the Apocalypse

As I was checking my Hotmail account, I noticed that there was an article linked on the home page titled "How to raise a spiritual child." Suffice it to say that I was a bit curious about what MSN considered to be the correct method to go about such a thing, so I read the article. To give you an example of how far off the deep end some people have gone, I submit the following excerpt (emphasis in original):

Don't pretend to have all the answers. When your child asks where people go when they die, answer honestly: "Nobody knows for sure, but some people think they go to heaven to be close to God. Other people think they're born again in a new body." Inevitably, your child will ask what you think. If you have a strong belief, share it. If not, it's okay to admit that there are some questions people spend their whole lives trying to figure out -- and this is one of them.

Glad to see that all religious beliefs are simply personal opinions with no connection for reality. I'd hate to see somebody have the nerve to believe that God actually exists.


Anonymous said...

I actually think MSN is right in this regard. Get children interested in the ultimate questions in life, God, spirituality, the afterlife, etc. If you merely say "yes, we know for sure there is heaven, end of story" the child is most likely going to ignore religion. Then they will be weak Christians.

CrimsonCatholic said...

I agree that you oughtn't "simply" say anything. You ought to explain why you believe what you believe, but you also ought to say that you believe that it's true. There are people who believe conspiracy theories about the government too, and part of my job as a parent is to develop my children's critical thinking skills to the point that they aren't snowed by such nonsense (being "weak Christians" in that regard. I can't do that by lying to them.