Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Trying to do better

I took down my last post directed at Eric Svendsen and the comment that inspired it. Substantively, I think that it was right, but I'm not happy with the way I handled those comments, or indeed, with the way that I handled the exchange overall. As a Christian, I have a greater responsibility than simply winning arguments or being right. My behavior must also meet the standards of charity and fraternity with my Christian brothers, and I don't feel that the earlier exchange did that, for which I apologize to Dr. Svendsen. I'm leaving that exchange up, because I think that there are significant substantive issues there that oughtn't be trashed at this point. But I will do my best to fashion a more charitable and fraternal explanation that displays respect for my opponent, who did take a great deal of time out for this dialogue.

To those of my commenters who commended my patience, please don't be fooled. This is hardly an example of what Christian charity ought to be, and it did not live up to my personal standards of conduct. Don't congratulate me for it; learn from my mistake.


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