Monday, April 04, 2005

Regarding Pope John Paul the Great

I agree entirely with Dave Armstrong's assessment of the papacy of Karol Wojtyla. What is not seen yet, but will be seen in the coming years, is that John Paul II's living legacy will become the very soul of the Church in the future. On a personal level, the papacy of John Paul II has defined, shaped, and clarified my Catholicism in a powerful way, and I dedicate myself to being a part of the following that I believe will end up being his greatest gift to the Church, to which he gave so much. Truly, few people in history have been given the grace of serving Christ in the profound way that Pope John Paul II did, and if the fruits of his life in Christ are a true indication of this man's heart, then his reward in Heaven will surely be great.


At 9:07 PM, Blogger Dave Armstrong said...

Glad you agree, and thanks for posting Svendsen's lengthy attack on my supposed oath-breaking, a few posts back (I never made an oath, knowing full well how serious it is; the only true vow I have made was to my wife when we got married).

I was laughing my head off revisiting Eric's endless rationalizations again. This guy can be really really funny. Of course, the tragi-comic thing is that he is hilarious precisely when he doesn't intend to be funny at all. :-) But maybe that's just my warped sense of humor. I love irony, farce, and folly. It's the irrepressible Muggeridge influence . . .

Hats off to your Joblike patience lasting as long as you did in your recent go-around with Eric the Yellow. If I can attain to a tenth of that patience, I'll be well-pleased.

I suspect that you are sorely tempted to swear off trying to debate anti-Catholics, like me. :-) For more of the same, see the present accusation I am receiving from two Lutheran pastors, that I cited one of them out of context, when I pasted their praises of John Paul II.

The ongoing folly truly never ceases to amaze me.

At 8:24 AM, Blogger CrimsonCatholic said...

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At 8:02 AM, Anonymous Bill aka SeekN4Him said...


I found it very interesting that the repeated phrase in Ratzinger's homily during the funeral was "Follow me". Lots to reflect on.

In Him,


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