Thursday, January 10, 2008

Great week continues

LSU national championship Monday, brand new niece Madeleine Frances arrives yesterday morning (my sister and little Madeleine are doing fine), and today I find out that Cardinal Newman's beatification is imminent.

I've found that my life tends to go like the Star Trek movies: odd-numbered years seem to always be rougher than even-numbered years. As an example, both of my kids were born in even-numbered years (my daughter following the last LSU national championship), while the stressful moves in location and career have always been in odd-numbered years. Thus far, I have to say the pattern is holding for 2008. Not that 2007 was particularly bad as those things go, but since this year started, it's like I've got my finger on the Easy Button. I thank God for always having showered me with many blessings after adversity, sort of like my own private "sacred time."

I hope to write some more about that concept and a bunch of related ideas, but for now, the opportunity to have spent so much time and share so much joy with my parents, my brother, and my sisters has been too much to pass up. Since I moved to California and subsequently had my grandfather Whitney pass away, I've realized that I can't take that for granted and that those opportunities are fleeting, particularly after Mike Liccione's own adversity in that regard, which I hope the fundraising helped to alleviate in some measure. So bear with me for having spend some time away, because I still have some things that I think are worth saying at the proper time.


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